Different floor antifouling articles

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Different floor antifouling articles

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<p>Whether it is a natural varnished solid wood floor or an oil waxed solid wood floor, it can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning, and then cleaned with a soft cloth dipped in a diluent for a special detergent or soap sheet. For a large area of ​​cleaning, use a sprayer or a rotary cleaner. For natural lacquer solid wood flooring, water does not have any benefit to it. When cleaning, it is necessary to minimize excess moisture. When scrubbing, be sure to wring out the rag. The oil wax wood floor to remove the black rubber wear marks and other marks that can not be removed with water can be wiped with a soft cloth, low concentration of alcohol or a little white wine.</p>
<p>Natural varnished solid wood flooring: After the floor is clean, it should be coated with a diluted floor polish. If the use of the floor is relatively frequent, the concentration of the polish may be appropriately increased. Under normal circumstances, the living room can be maintained once a month, while the kitchen, living room, etc. that are often accessed need to be maintained every week.</p>
<p>Oil wax solid wood floor: The floor is completely cleaned and kept dry, after which a light layer of light oil wax is applied to the floor surface, the floor is polished with a soft cloth and the excess oil is wiped off to avoid producing bright spots. The light oiled wax floor should not be rushed to use and should be naturally dried in the evening.</p> "price of tongue and groove fir porch wood floor,pressure treated retaining wall without post,how to install wood decking tiles "
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