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Scene: kill god mode!Kevin Durant "3 + 1" on effort

Postby BobbyMam » Sun Mar 11, 2018 1:30 am

Throw three points seriously isn't the whole garage day-to-day work, and don't forget about, Stephen curry is the team in assists as well as steals, he averaged 6. 7 assists within the regular season, 14 from the league and the playoffs stephen curry shoes is averaging 9. 3 assists as the league the first! Let's imagine an image, 40 minutes per game inside Treasury, attack launched a multitude of times, there are always a few ball he wasn't inside the outside, but the soccer ball inside, attracted a dual... What will happen after that? There was a man they can tell you the answer, curry shoes he called clay - Thompson, from the gold state warriors, he made this season 211 3-pointers, finished third within the league, and that 211 3-pointers, 68 comes from the assists of Stephen curry.

12-13 time to contrast the shed and ray Allen inside '05 -' 06 : Allen into 269 3-pointers, and he could be the Seattle supersonics. That year, Allen's 269 regarding 653 three-point shots, picture 41. 2%, as Stephen -- 272 of 600 pictures in his Arsenal, of up to 45. 3%; That calendar year, Alan ball attack generate 3 ratio is less than a quarter, compared together with 38. 6% in repository; That year, Allen's assists the number 3. 7, less compared to the Treasury for three aids. So the outline, the image of the alternative 3-pointers hand decrease the garage outline: he not only completed the sharpshooter qualifications, his teammates for his / her creation of free-throw possibilities into; He will also look for opportunities as well, through the ball development, stopped for no facilitates 3-pointer of shots. Furthermore, he also can move assists, "create" another pitcher - clay - Thompson! Not only can catch vote, may also urgent stopped, can create more opportunities to others, this star, unique! I am kevin durant shoes afraid, just use "striker" two words are actually unable to define Stephen curry, also need to be in with some sort of "great" rhetoric.

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Scene: kill god mode!Kevin Durant "3 + 1" on effort

Postby BobbyMam » Sun Mar 11, 2018 1:41 am

Knight's method clearly, today is to help cling to garage, don't give him any possibility, and Kevin durant is always one on one with defense. But garage or under heavy defensive hunt for opportunities, such as experience stephen curry shoes low, he mobilized, use the other fear his perimeter ability garage easily won two points.

The last 80 seconds in the first half, durant missed shots from outside, the basket three players are usually knights, including Thompson, lebron, subsequently, the Treasury rushed in to the basket from the extended position, unexpectedly the offensive rebounds within the knight encirclement! Then they points ball durant, that finished scores!

And the next half, knight to defensive strategy appears to be shaken, they don't have too much double again, help, oddly enough, JR in 1 upon 1 against Arsenal, and directly put the particular garage was pushed to the ground.

Sure enough, your knight defensive shaken curry shoes immediately after scoring started rising within his Arsenal, outside his or her 3-pointer by continuous, during that time he was given the means to just like Kevin durant got chance in the first half. After three points within the database is still struck, he this section one bomb within the 14 points.

Today is June 1, the time kd shoes would be the international children's day, it seems in the "primary school" is just about the holiday today.

Small garage finish I rested the vast majority of holiday to battle, he is still the contribution on the brilliant stroke, but furthermore pass a 3-pointer by simply Kevin durant. The past 3 minutes, garage off ahead of schedule, because the video game had no suspense.

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The NBA finals game 2 Warriors vs cavs G2 Kevin Durant ignor

Postby BobbyMam » Sun Mar 11, 2018 1:45 am

Throw three points is just not the whole garage regular work, and don't ignore, Stephen curry is your team in assists along with steals, he averaged 6. 7 assists in the regular season, 14 inside the league and the playoffs stephen curry shoes will be averaging 9. 3 assists for the reason that league the first! Let's imagine a graphic, 40 minutes per game in the Treasury, attack launched lots of times, there are always several ball he wasn't from the outside, but the baseball inside, attracted a twice... What will happen subsequently? There was a man they can tell you the response, curry shoes he called clay - Thompson, from the gold state warriors, he made there is much surprise 211 3-pointers, finished third inside league, and that 211 3-pointers, 68 hails from the assists of Stephen curry.

12-13 year to contrast the storage and ray Allen in '05 -' 06 - Allen into 269 3-pointers, and he's the Seattle supersonics. Of which year, Allen's 269 regarding 653 three-point shots, picture 41. 2%, as Stephen -- 272 of 600 shots in his Arsenal, of up to 45. 3%; That 12 months, Alan ball attack build 3 ratio is less than a quarter, compared together with 38. 6% in databases; That year, Allen's assists the number 3. 7, less compared to the Treasury for three facilitates. So the outline, the image associated with an alternative 3-pointers hand down the garage outline: he not simply completed the sharpshooter backdrop, his teammates for his or her creation of free-throw options into; He will also look for opportunities while doing so, through the ball cutting-edge, stopped for no aids 3-pointer of shots. Furthermore, he also can pass assists, "create" another glass pitcher - clay - Thompson! Not merely can catch vote, will urgent stopped, can build more opportunities to other people, this star, unique! I'm kd shoes afraid, just use "striker" two words are already unable to define Stephen curry, should also be in with any "great" rhetoric.

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Kevin Durant again!Data abnormal 5.7 seconds a really throw

Postby BobbyMam » Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:01 am

Half-court finished,stephen curry shoes the garage 12 details and 4 rebounds 6 aids, Owen 17 rebounds, 2 assists 1 gets the upper hand slightly. But as knight defeat inside the second half, even his / her one-on-one hit his items. In this series, OuWenBen needs to have certain advantages in counterpoint, just like the finals last year, since the season of Christmas battles, with their strong personalized fortunes turned.

But today the warriors from the changes, let knights staggered, also let like one-on-one hit Owen curry shoes to get the rhythm. Actually, today more often than not was clay - Thompson Head of the family Owen, although Owen hit a dead when in front of him, but clay height reach or to a certain extent, limits the Owen's assault. In only a few times in the face of single singled out in his Arsenal, although Owen features good performance, but also it's hard another for a knight.

Full play, scored 28 points 6 rebounds and 10 assists inside the Treasury, 6 of 11 three-point kevin durant shoes photos. 24 points and 3 rebounds, 3 assists, Owen has scored 17 points inside first half, he scored seven points inside second half. Facing the big four in the mighty, and only Erika Owen in one-on-one earn garage have chances, but today's garage to do better.

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Postby CharlesNor » Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:52 pm

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adidas nmd new color "Glitch Camo" is on sale

Postby BobbyMam » Mon Mar 12, 2018 6:06 am

Garage believe is currently the hottest superstars inside the league, very young garage is full of honor. Because the most outstanding star people, union today in mother nature is loved by many fans, hypoallergenic, Under Armour brand in hand to the United International locations foundation "Nothing But Nets" global ambassador activity - Stephen Curry available limited edition Curry some low help color baseball shoes, the cause involving resistance to malaria, many people feel that the quality of domestic basketball shoes will be bad, and heavy in addition to ugly. In fact,... Garage injury absence Christmas wars Led by seven star Skating every one of the CP dress suit bask throughout beauty.

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