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Economy Got You Down? 7 Keys to Achieve Success No Matter W

PostPosted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:03 pm
by princyjohn
Small stuff needs to be celebrated. How often have you been to a meeting, been involved in a project, attended a convention or a gathering where things clicked - where it became apparent that there had been a great deal of planningEinstein Success Code and attention to detail - and the overall effect was terrific? The small stuff got the attention it needed to ensure success.

Think about kaizen - the Japanese philosophy of "continuous improvement." It has had a huge positive impact on productivity and profitability - but it depends on a lot of what some would call "small stuff" for its success.

As a point of information, "small stuff" was originally a nautical term used to describe cordage - usually of less than an inch in diameter - the small stuff as opposed to the larger diameter rope used as standing and running rigging, and mooring and anchor and towing ropes. It didn't mean small stuff was unimportant - small diameter rope has a thousand critical and decorative uses aboard every boat and ship.

The problem with the term "small stuff" is that it sounds so dismissive, as if whatever has earned that description doesn't really matter. And the problem is that it does matter - a lot - and dismissing it can have a negative effect on outcomes.

Outside the nautical world, small stuff isn't that easy to define. One person's small stuff is big stuff to someone else.