Some tips of choosing good toner cartridge?

Some tips of choosing good toner cartridge?

Postby adtozhou » Fri Feb 23, 2018 8:20 am

In addition to the appearance of "observation" to distinguish between genuine and fake toner cartridge, but also through the most direct print to distinguish true and false toner cartridge, then it is best to bring the original drum output proofs for comparison. True and false hp cf230a cartridge print a far cry, when put together will form a sharp contrast, under normal working conditions, the original drum print out the lines of the text is very clear, if the color is good if the color reproduction, image full of bright. The fake products in the print line will be found broken, and the lack of color reproduction, printing a large number of words such as hyphenated characters. With the look and try carefully selected, I believe to avoid buying a fake cartridge is not difficult, but to remind users: the best when buying cartridges to the manufacturer's designated dealer to buy, after all, this one in the office products , manufacturers are quite valued for their own brand image, and its dealers will not be for a few fake cartridges high profit to offend their suppliers.

The following small to introduce you to a specific example of discernment, take HP's hp 30a cartridge for example. HP's true and false toner cartridge in the identification of the main rely on security standard, the true security cartridge and cartridges, from the left and right angles will have two changes in the past, and fake cartridge no matter from any angle in the past, do not have discoloration,

Only show the left and right shallow or left and right depth. Anti-counterfeiting cartridge on the cartridge and its anti-counterfeiting code English alphabetical part of the same.Discoloration security labels - In order to facilitate the majority of HP users to use and determine the authenticity of HP toner cartridges, cartridges and cartridges are also affixed blue security labels. Left and right turn HP blue security label, it will center line for the community, dark blue, light blue alternating. Positive Look - Anti-counterfeit standard left and right shallow left and right two perspectives - Anti-counterfeit label is still left and right, shallow Needless to say, it must be a fake. Outer packaging appearance of observation - HP original cartridge packaging printing quality, colorful, and some fake print quality rough, fuzzy image, color dark. HP original cartridges on the back of the packaging serial number should have a rectangular offset box, and some fake cartridge serial number no offset traces.
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