Blatter: FIFA wasn't a mafia

Blatter: FIFA wasn't a mafia

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Former FIFA president Joseph Blatter was in relaxed mood as he welcomed MARCA to thai sbo a Zurich restaurant to give his version of events on his time in charge of world football's governing body.It was a venue that saw him hold many meetings during that time before he was ousted from office and suspended in 2015.He preferred to be addressed as Mr Blatter, but did recognise that he still considers himself to be president.
How did you get into the position?"I worked at the Swiss Olympic Committee and I was called by the FIFA general secretary in 1966. He told me that they needed my help. I left everything, including my position in Longines brand marketing. thai sbo Football was always a part of me and it was my chance. Years later, they told me that president [Joao] Havelange needed a football player, not to score goals but to implement a programme to develop the sport. It was 1974 and I accepted immediately. In February 1975, I began and was there until February 2015, when I was suspended from any activity."What was FIFA for you?"A dream and a challenge. It was about being involved in football and developing it. Six years after starting, I was appointed general secretary. Football isn't just about touching the ball, it touches lives through its very important social and cultural aspects. It is a school of life. It is about discipline and respect for the team, the coach, the referee and the opposition. It is a competitive game, like life, but with sportsmanship. Football can help society and we have achieved that. There are two billion people involved." thai sbo
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