5 Common Problems ERP System Will Solve

5 Common Problems ERP System Will Solve

Postby Brainsphere » Mon Oct 22, 2018 12:39 pm

Are you thinking how ERP system is going to help your business. ERP Solutions in Dubai can bring changes in your business and can be the answer for all your problems. To illustrate the variety of issues ERP solutions can tackle, look at these five common problems and how ERP can solve them.

1) Lack of Communication between departments
Does your business suffer from poor communication between its different departments? if an employee cannot pass information to the concerned department, that will affect the overall performance of the organization. This will result in lost orders, customer not picking calls even the sales will go down. An ERP system helps you avoid such missed opportunities.
ERP solution unites all business functions, becoming the one piece of software into which all information is input and processed.
With ERP, you can rest assured that there will be no delay before key information reaches the relevant parties. The time between the completion of one business task and the next is kept to the absolute minimum.
A good example of this is the process of fulfilling a customer order. With a system like Brainsphere , the input of a sales order will immediately trigger an alert for your warehousing team, who can then instantly pick and ship the order.

2) Manual data entry or repetitive tasks
As your company expands, your employees will no doubt become busier than ever before.
Manual data entry will become more time consuming and error full process.
For example, your accounting team may spend a substantial portion of their time typing up data for sales invoices and cross-referencing spread sheets. As with all manual processes, one minor typing error or a misread figure could result in major negative consequences.
An ERP system can combat both issues.
Enterprise Resource Planning software automates tasks, reducing the likelihood of mistakes and freeing up your employees’ time to get on with other work. For example, VAT enabled ERP Solution can generate sales orders, invoices and financial forecasts automatically.

3) Complicated business procedures.
When your sales reps are using one software package, your accounting team another and your warehousing staff yet another, processes become excessively complicated and time-consuming.
For example, if somebody in sales neglects to notify the warehousing team of their latest order, stock control staff will not have the up-to-the-minute information necessary to ensure that there is sufficient stock to complete the order.
With ERP software, all information is entered into one single database. This centralization of information means everyone can access the very latest data exactly when they require it.
No longer is there a need to update multiple systems or take up precious time forwarding email after email: Brainspereit’s ERP solution automatically inform all the relevant people, adding them to the ‘distribution’ list for that record.
As an additional benefit, because all aspects of the company are run on one piece of software – rather than several disparate systems – this minimizes the need for software upgrades.

4) You wish you knew more about your customers
How well do you really know your customer base? Without an ERP system you won’t be able to keep track of customer records, without customer data base it may be difficult to serve your customers.
Software such as FACTS ERP comes with a built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module, allowing employees to keep records of transactions and communications against each customer.

Storing customer related data in a single database allows any employee, no matter which department, to access this information when dealing with a specified customer.
The transaction history is a particularly useful feature, opening opportunities for cross-selling or up-selling,
Equipped with ERP, your company is empowered to better serve the needs of its customers and improve profitability.
5) Lack of Better Business decisions

The more information you can access about your company up to date it will be easier to make good business decisions.
With all costs, sales figures and marketing data being inputted into one system, ERP enables you to gain up-to-the-minute insights into your business at any time.
Our ERP’s business intelligence module allows you to run scheduled or on-demand reports based on any data within the system. These reports can be interactive, tabular, graphical, geographical or free-form.

These reports have a variety of useful applications. For example, you might run a report to discover what customer type tends to become a repeat buyer. With this information, you can better target your marketing and improve the profitability of your business.
With ERP Software, you can gain answers not only to your questions but to your customers’ queries too. With all the necessary data being accessible in one central system, your sales reps will be able to give precise answers to questions like ‘When can you complete my order by?’ because they will have the up-to-the-minute stock level information required to provide an accurate response.

ERP systems will transform the way your company operates. Berceuse an ERP system can solve multiple issues with one software solution.

To know more about our ERP solution and how it can help your business to reach its full potential. Check our website http://www.brainsphereit.com also contact us today and request a call back to discuss the options available.
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