What's a digital billboard?

What's a digital billboard?

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advertisement boards :
One of the components of the urban landscape is billboards and signs that play a significant role in our lives of humans. The billboards, in addition to their functional functions, which introduce various brands and brands, can play two major roles in the city, or increase the dynamism and vitality of space, or create confusion and confusion when the various types of new billboards The standard distance and standard size are built and installed. Space dynamics are multiplied, but if the boards are nonstandard and installed in close proximity to a limited space, they create disturbances in space.

The design of a billboard contains a promotional message to attract a customer or to identify a brand, the more messy the message is, the closer it will be to the target. With the emergence of new and digital technologies and in keeping with modern advertising, the Digital Tablet has replaced handwritten images with animations, such as anywhere in the car, including the body of the car, the headboard in the shop, the storehouse, the passageways And highways can be installed, one of the most used ones is the headboard.

Digital billboard:
The main feature of digital signage is adaptation to environmental conditions, it is easy to change the message or image of this type of advertising and to insert a new advertisement in accordance with the environment.

Equipment for the installation of digital advertising signboards:
To launch this type of billboards requires multimedia electronic display systems, these systems must be designed in such a way that they can connect to the network and content management systems and allow them to update their content remotely. In fact The content or message displayed on these networks is routed through a central server and moves across the network. Demonstration pages LCD or Plasma digital signage displays are used in domestic advertising such as shop displays and LED displays in outdoor advertising.

Digital Panel Advantages:
Ads and messages on the board are quickly updated and updated.

Advertising is flexible and advertising costs do not need to be spent, and only through the program, new ads are replaced by demo ads.

The flexibility of the digital advertising billboard network makes the advertisement more variable than that of the various customers, and can lead each customer to any taste.

These boards are used as a training tool at the workplace. These boards are installed as an on-site storefront, enabling both employees and customers to make new changes to the store in terms of goods or how to provide informed services Come back

Digital billboards at airports, terminals for displaying time, time and destination of vehicle movements and general information, and in restaurants, to display the menu of foods and their prices.
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