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For sophisticated Chinese transcription services, look no further for the best online transcription website other than CabbageTree solutions. Considering that we are a worldwide organization that mainly operates in most parts of world.

Chinese is one of the most spoken languages all over the world and in some cases, you are expected that you learn the language and be fluent in it before being allowed into some job industries as well as institutions. German is also a language taught in some learning institutions and taking into consideration the various fields in which the German language comes in handy, here at CabbageTree solutions we offer the best transcribing services.

Offering our quality services to over 500 partners of ours all over the world, our services in Chinese transcriptionis received from the best linguistics that are as well familiar with their local dialects hence this assures you the best translations. We offer our Chinese transcription services for different arenas ranging from medical, academic as well as market research.

For professional transcription services, you get to have the different kinds of laws such as family, business real estate as well as personal matters transcribed which normally include the court proceedings, depositions, and memorandum letters as well as wire tape transcriptions.

The awesome news is that we translate audios as well as videos. You can get mp4, mp3, mov, wma, flv among other formats transcribed; your format can as well be translated for you into mp3 or the audio format of your choice.
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