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Jose Mourinho, the trainer "The Wreck Day" of the "Red Devils" Manchester. United are preparing to drop Paul. Bambi midfielder is expensive again as a backup in the game with "Chelsea" Chelsea this weekend.
Pablo was the only substitute in the UEFA Champions League final 16 matches, the first match against Sevilla 0-0 on Wednesday. I was in the first half after the break. Herrera was injured.
The 24-year-old kicked off the Huddersfield-themed team in the FA Cup 2-0 for illness and Mino. The club's players have questioned the clubs in Europe about the possibility of moving to the summer.
Herrera will not be in the game against Chelsea this Sunday, and it is expected that Pabbata will recover the position, but according to reports from.
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Mourinho is ready to give him another chance.
That may raise doubts about the long-term future of the club, and it has been reported that the players have been unhappy with Mourinho's actions over him over the past few weeks.
He saw himself as a scapegoat for the club's unstable form of play and wanted Mourinho to show more love for him.
However, Mourinho just came out and complained to the press that he had a problem with Pablo.
United want victory over Chelsea at Old Trafford For a great chance to win the top four.
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