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I'm just a regular ol' slutty nun jerking myself off and praying and such when a hot vampire appears and drains me and then transforms me into a vampire too
Kitten Marie overdoses on potassium in this filthy video. Video starts off with some banana teasing, playing with her tits and peeling bananas, squeezing them between her fingers and seducing you with her bright red lips. She sucks on a banana POV, moaning and exploring her body with you.. This all leads to the fucking of her pussy with a real banana until she's maddened with sexual frustration and she fills both of her holes for you! Using her trusty glass banana dildo in her ass, and her delicious authentic bananas in her pussy she fucks herself in multiple positions until she squirts all over herself! Delicious!
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In this video I start off my inserting my realistic dildo up close after a little bit I scoot back so you can see all of me, I have one amazing orgasm then move my camera up close so you can see my second orgasm and squirt!(which rarely happens)

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my sweet little pussy is in need of some toying. I break out one of my favorite glass toys. I tease you first, speaking my legs wide & showing you my pussy and ass. I lick my glass toy getting it nice and wet before sliding it into my already dripping pussy. Stroke along with me to the rhythm of my fuck myself. Lets get off together.xxxJenna J Ross
720p *MY FIRST CLIP* Watch me strip for you before I pour chocolate syrup all over my big soft curves. I then massage the chocolate all over my tits and ass before I begin fucking myself with a pink dildo and a glass bottle in my pussy and ass. I finish by fucking my pussy until I cum and then shower off for you. (Honestly, this is still my favorite commission!!)

You think now that I let you cum on me once, it's going to be a regular thing? It's wrong. We both know it's wrong. But I just can't resist when I see your cock grow in your pants!! THIS IS MY ONLY FULLY NUDE VIDEOThis is tagged as Daddy Roleplay because there isn't an i n c e s t tag
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Your mom comes home to find the living room filled with balloons, and she isn't happy about it.What is this? You were having a balloon party?!? When I told you that you could have a couple friends over, this is not what I meant. We are getting rid of these balloons. I am popping them all. You can say goodbye to your pretty balloons. I hope you had enough fun playing with them because they are gone after this

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With the introduction of the new $20 bills, I want to celebrate this momentous and symbolic moment in Black Female Supremacy! From now on, I want all my tributes and reparations in $20 bills, no more money with white men on it. Every time you look at the new Tubman bills, I want you to be reminded of who your cash really belongs to
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Last part of the series. Go check out Part 1 and Part 2 as well! -------------- After creating some promo and ransom videos, it's time for the two Dommes to try out the merchandise some more and put them to the ultimate test. Slave boy and slave girl are tied up with a strappado and with nowhere to go they can only do one thing: raise their asses up in the sky to accommodate the Dommes' big strap-ons. Both Dommes takes advantage of the open asses and fuck the slaves until they get bored. Pegging at its finest
Watch Emi get spanked by her daddy, she clearly enjoys it by the big smile on her face! Listen to her soft moans and her begging when she can't take anymore. Then watch her show off her little red booty :)

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In this clip I let you in on a fantasy come reality. Mutual gaining with my boyfriend. I started secretly fattening him up almost two years ago. This is the story of when I told him and how he responded!
Your paycheck belongs to me. Every time you get paid it goes directly to my account, you don’t see a dime of it. The only money I decide to give you is just enough to sustain you so you can keep working and earning more money for me. Your only purpose is to slave away every day. You’re going to work harder and make more money for me while I spend your paycheck!

Lounging at home alone in my cute pj's and pigtails, I decide to sneak a smoke. At first, I think I hear someone coming but when I realize the house is truly empty, I allow myself to relax and really enjoy the deep, delicious inhales and billowy exhales as they pass my soft, wet lips...
An up-close view of me fingering myself until I cum. Shot from several different angles including below and very up-close
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Come and watch me play with one of my newest toys
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