jessryan record

jessryan record

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While wearing a bikini and a strapon, i give you some jerk off instuctions and even show you how i want you to stroke your cock for me.
I've had a crush on you for a while now but have been too shy to ask you out, so I shrink you down to make it go easier! It works, I'm a lot less shy when you're this fact I'm feeling really brave, I think I'll keep you this small. Has lots of views of my shiny huge ass, light butt crushing, ends with me rubbing my pussy for you up close and putting you inside me as I masturbate
You are far too idle, and have been severely slacking on your duties for me, your Mistress and sugar baby. What a disappointment. Lucky for you, I give you a redeeming week's worth of tasks, all to appease my greed and brattiness. Each day will be designated for a special part of me, which I eagerly showcase in my tight pink dress. Get ready for a useful and fun week of making me complacent at best. Consider this a payment plan

After a long day and getting each other off (in our sex video), Britney and I cleaned up and enjoyed some more sexy, playful fun in the tub. We just couldn't keep our hands off each other ;D
My personal trainer is HOT! Don't you think? Well I think so too, that's why I invited him bk to the home I share with my husband. The only thing is, as he was fucking me bareback on the kitchen side, my loser husband walks in and finds us! What a fucking joke. He never comes home early, he should have been working hard to pay for my lavish lifestyle. Oh well, he didn't seem to mind though, he was super turned on by it in fact! Just goes to show what a loser he actually is
This was the first solo video i took! This was before i had a good camera lol. Come watch me rub my fat little pussy and play with my clit until I'm dripping wet

watch me playing with some oil on my pussy and get a orgasm
Camshow recording. Stripping. Butt plug. Vibrator. Cum
1080P Roleplay: I want to go out this big event with my friends but don't want to take my pretty run down car, so I come up with a plan to ask daddy to let me use his prized car for the night, but I think just asking isn't going to get a yes out of him, so I am going to have to work all my charm some other way. So when daddy says no, I decide to take it to the next level by asking if he wants to see my boobs, before I know it I am laying back in my cute pink lingerie & white stockings and touching myself. I am so wet and worked up I can't stop now, I tell daddy to jerk it for me while I play with my pretty pink pussy until I cum. Encouraging daddy to keep jerking it and to cum on my big titties before mom steps in the door, before I know the cum is all over my big tits.....and I get the keys

I went through my sons laptop and noticed that he had a huge porn collection. Instead of making me mad, it turned me on. I confronted him and let him know that it was ok to look at porn and asked him if he would like me to do some of the things in the videos with him. He was hesitant at first but then he wanted to. I had to pee first but then I gave him a sloppy blowjob and made him cum in my hand. Next I took him into the bedroom and fucked the shit out of him until he pumped my pussy full of cum!
Custom Vid- No name used- Video Series. You are just home from your sex therapy session, you walk in the door barely enough time to remove your mask and you hear a knock at the door . You ask who it is and it's your parole officer, Rae Knight, filling in as a temporary officer for the county. She tells you that it's an unplanned visit and to open the door You open it and to your surprise she is dressed in a black cropped top, leather mini skirt and heels. She asks you to sit down and she must go over your parole stipulations. She begins ready a long list of don'ts including no d3ugs or al3oh0l, attend all therapy sessions, pay $10,000,9:30 curfew, d3ug testing, urine testing. You begin getting irritated with the long list of things you can't do and tell her what is she going to do? She can't even carry a gun in that tiny little outfit!!! Get out before I fuck your thighs!!! She tells you to get some manners before she orders you to strip down to nothing and to fuck her thighs making sure you stick your dickhead through with each pump. She begins teasing you with her lilac thigh high, lilac bra, 6 strap black garter and sexy heels. Your dick starts getting rock hard....your impulses to fuck thighs kicks into overdrive and you give in and start thigh fucking your parole officer!!! You cum all over her stockings and beg for a satin glove handjob to sooth that raw, sore cock....but she refuses and instead smashes your cock and balls with her stiletto!!! That will teach your to get confrontational with me!!!! ENJOY
Horny as hell one night after watching a Riley Reid Blowbang porn, I start to masturbate for my man. I put the camera close to my pussy as I use my long pink dildo. I get so creamy and wet, dirty talking to him as he strokes his cock to me. I squirt my cum then move the camera to the side and play some more telling him how bad I want his cum. He stands up and shoots his hot load all over my face. I wipe my face and eat all the cum. It was so hot and my 1st on cam facial =)

The first time I decide to play with a butt plug! In this shorter video, I quickly say hello and then suck on my plug for a bit and slap my ass. Then play with it for the first time ever and show off the purple jewel in me for you.
Video goes along with my fund me page. Won't you help a poor flat girl out? I promise to make a bunch of new videos with my bigger titties once I get them :D
12 Min - POV - Watch As I Slobber, Gag, Deepthroat, & Have Him Cum On My Face! I Might Even Lick It Off At The End ;) Close-Ups & Full Body Shots

I had been such a naughty girl, I needed to be punished, look what happened!
*CUSTOM VIDEO* It's now been a few months that you have been shrunken and used as an anal sex toy by Alyssa. She keeps you in her asshole for days at a time. The worst is that you don't ever know how long you will be in there for. When she does let you out it's never for very long, sometimes for one day or an evening and other times it's only for a couple hours. This time you've been out for the night and as you wake up in the morning Alyssa looks at you and smiles Good morning little one, how did you slee p? You tell her you slept well and she says that she did as well. I am so excited to have the entire weekend to myself, playing with my favourite anal toy, she says cheerfully. I'm going to go to the gym and you know where you're going while I work out, you're going up my butt, she says with an excited smile. She turns around and takes her pyjama bottoms down to reveal her beautiful round ass. You're still my favourite anal toy,You know that don't you. But with that being said you're still just a toy. I don't listen to my toys. That would be silly, right? Alyssa spreads her ass with her hands and says that that this is where you're going. It doesn't matter if you're not ready to go back in yet.. I can put you in my ass whenever I want to and you better work really hard to please me because if I'm in a good mood then you might get rewarded. she says as she smiles. You're just a toy, haven't you figured that out by now? And you feel so good in my asshole, that's why I can't let you go.. she laughs sweetly.
Enjoy watching Kassey Starr in this fun and sexy blow to pop video

One of my absolute favorite features are my cute, delicate little feet. I wear a size 5 1/2, have killer arches and such suckable toes. This foot fetish video features classy red heels, black thigh highs, bare feet, teal painted toes and a few crotch and ass shots. This is the HD version.
my sexy neighbor paying me a visit and fucking my tight pussy as he fingers my ass
Striptease flashing and booty bumping my way into this sensual way I move.

Watch me sneak away to my bathroom for a quickie. I strip, stuff my panties and then cum with a glass dildo - all with company in the next room
I wanted to relax a little and cooling. I went to the vicinity of a lake. Nude lying on the beach and enjoy the tranquility. The looks I moved forward to me as I went to the beach. Only dressed in a skimpy Hotpans and bikini top. I love the challenge and the men to irritate. To get no bikini stripes on body I lay naked on the beach on a rock. The sun was so much that I was looking for a refreshing dip in the lake. I splashed about in the water and of course again all very provocative, naked in the water. I stretched my pussy in Doggy Style a guy opposite who was watching the whole time me. What he thought me already gladly would have interested. xOxO Video in HD1080 .mp4
Very naughty police woman is fucking her little asshole with a glass dildo

I really just wanted to play with my new booty oil... Teasing you while rubbing warm oil all over my big bouncy booty, playing with my panty line, making you want to squeeze it, play with it, bury your face in my big juicy booty. You know you want to...
It's my alter ego, Princess Alahana!I know you're so hard right now. You're just a pantyhose pervert, aren't you? You're completely infatuated with how I look in pantyhose. *giggles* Show Me how much you appreciate seeing Princess in pantyhose. Here's some nice up close and personal looks at My body in pantyhose. It fits My body so nice, showing off all My curves, Do as your told. Cum on My pantyhose little pervert!
Getting fuck and face tits cream pie from my daddy getting fuck in my new sexy ugg boots on and a slutty sexy out fit MUST BUY VIDEO AND WATCH ME SUCK ON HIS BBC IM ALSO PREGNANT SO STARVING FOR HIS CUM IN MY TUMMY

I love the way baby oil feels on my skin and in the past I have played around with it with my friend. But today I wanted to do a solo video. As I got my body all oiled up I started getting really turned on, my boobs were so soft and slippery, my freshly shaven pussy felt so soft between my fingers and... my fingers just slid so easily into my tight little Asian butt hole. So how could I not use my gem butt plug? Not only that I just had to also fuck myself for a while and fill all my holes. One the best things in the world, is cumming when I have a butt plug up my ass. I used my wand, press it hard on my clit, I could feel the butt plug as my asshole twitched, and with my freshly fucked pussy hole, my orgasm was sooooo intense
Leia dances nude, grabs her hitachi magic wand massager and begins to rub it on her clit. Leia sits down and spreads open, fingers, uses a favorite glass toy. Then some hitachi action with the glass toy. Leia moans out in her cute nerdy glasses and red hair
Keep your eyes on mine as I pleasure myself with my Hitachi Magic Wand! Shot from the chest up, this video is all about my facial expressions as I play and cum, with lots of moaning

I begin this video by teasing you in my black corset, robe, g-string, and red high heels. I slowly strip down to just my panties and heels, teasing you with my body. I lick and play with my glass toy before pulling my pantie to the side and fucking myself with my favorite toy. This video includes some great close ups and a lot of moaning
I play with my favorite vibrator till I make my self cum hard and squirt a little for you
Your sexy coworker is always running around the office in modest, yet provocative clothing. She knows what she's doing... And she's tired of you just gawking and wagging your hard on around. Let's bring this fantasy to life! She'll tell you every way she'd fuck you as she does it. (Use of daddy and dirty talking, great ass view in reverse cowgirl and more in video

new 3way teaser! full video coming soon, went out for dinner with a friend end up back at his place for some fun! check it out!
Watch me play with my new throbbing rampant rabbit toy.2017. Daisie Milo.I sell both my Snapchat and my Kik, so make sure to check my store if you're interested in purchasing either
This is a behind the scenes look at what really goes on in the VS dressing room
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