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Just like any other game Authentic Jeremy Kerley Jersey , football also has its own set of rules. Among the most well-known rules in football, the rule of offside is little bit complicated and confusing. This football news article is meant to shed light on offside rules and how these have changed over the years.

Purpose of Offside Rule

The offside rule of football has been encoded in the standard laws and amendments officially drafted by the association of football many years ago. According to these rules Authentic Eddie Robinson Jersey , a player would be in an offside position if he or she is away from the last line of defense and will be called offside and out of play if the linesman says so. The offside rule was laid down in order to make sure that the strikers and forwards do not take runs behind the defense too early and get into advantageous positions and score goals in the process.

Nowadays with the stringent linesmen and referees around, a person is called in an offside position even if a part of his/her body is across the defense line even though he/she is not actively involved in the play. A free kick is awarded to the opposition if a player from a team commits an offside while taking runs behind defense.

Changes in Rules

Throughout the years B.J. Hill Jersey Elite , the offside rule has been modified and ratified in order to ensure that the game is played fairly and that no one gets an added advantage on the field and score easy goals in the process. The offside rule has been changed in the last few years so that the players take the proper runs and are not in a position where two or three of them are directly staring at the goalkeeper who is helpless with the number of people from the opposition team coming against him to score the goal in an unfair way. 聽Now you can know more about these rules as both English and Hindi News.

The players are not shown card for offside offence. 聽A player is never booked for taking early runs resulting in offside. The referee, in consultation with the linesman http://www.pittsburghsteelersteamstore.com/mason-rudolph-jersey , has every right to stop the play and award other team with an indirect free-kick as soon as he thinks that the player is in an offside position. In case, the linesman identifies a player in the offside position Patriots Jason McCourty Jersey , he indicates it to the referee by showing the chequered flag and the referee stops the play right there. The player is then pulled back and prohibited from actively taking part in the play after it is stopped.

Offside Trap

With modern coaches and managers using new strategies and game play tactics, it is nowadays seen that the defense holds a steady and high line in order to draw the players to committing an offside and not to give them the advantage of making runs with the ball behind the defense. This new style of drawing the players to committing an offside is known as the offside trap and has recently been used heavily by teams in order to stop the opposition players from taking forward runs.

This tactic is used by teams which can hold a high line defense and the opposition in the counter with one touch and pacy football. With the offside rule being implemented for the players Adidas Nolan Patrick Jersey , the game is played on a level field as it doesn’t give some added advantage to the forwards at the cost of the defenders.

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